3 things to remember when choosing an Antivirus


The internet seems to be getting bigger every day. And along with getting bigger, it’s also getting more unsafe. Do you think you need to change the insecure feeling you get when you open a website? That feeling where you back off from a web address and you don’t open it even if you want to. Well, you can and that can happen with an antivirus software. An antivirus software is a protection program that is dedicated to finding and removing harmful and infected files from your computer to give you a safer browsing experience. Don’t know which antivirus to download? We’ll help you with that.

Get a free one or paid one?

There’s a huge variety of antivirus software. With different features, there are also different payments for your computer or laptop. But it’s you who pay the bills, so you’ll have to figure out yourself if you want a paid antivirus or a free one. The only difference will be the features. If you own a home computer, than a free downloadable antivirus would suit you best. Home laptops or computers mean less security for each file and a lighter feature list. If you own a home computer, download free Kompas antivirus. It’s free of cost and gets you most of the features that a paid antivirus would give you.

However, if the computer belongs to a company, then the files need high level security and this security can only be met by paid antivirus software. Paid antivirus software can always make you tension free as it takes care of all your security problems.

Get well-known products

If someone asks you if you want to dine in a 5 star hotel or a local hot dog stand, what would you answer? Of course, the 5 star hotel! Why? Because you know their food is better as it is a very well known brand. The same case applies to your computer’s security. Your computer’s security is something that you can’t miss out on. Always go for the big names and you’ll always stay protected. Some viruses even disguise themselves as ‘fake antivirus’ and if you install them, you’ll be installing a virus on your computer drive with your own hands. How stupid is that?

So always get the best brand to protect your computer. You can always ask others about which software to choose as there are tons of well-known products online.

Search for reviews

Reviews are a lifesaver. There are tons of good websites online that provide you reviews on the products that you may want. CNET is a great example. You can find a review to any product on their website. Similarly, there are agencies online where you can compare different protection software. Always read the complete review to ensure that the features you need are available in the software that you want.

You also need to take care that the review is from a different website and not from the antivirus company’s website itself.


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