5 simple steps to choosing the right antivirus


When your computer or laptop starts acting weird and tells you you’ve corrupted some file you don’t know of, you know it’s time to install an antivirus in the computer. But with such a huge variety and such competition in the software world, it gets difficult to choose. Well, don’t worry. We’ll help you with it with just 5 simple steps.

The first step

Well, the first step is pretty obvious. You’ll have to start by narrowing your options. Start doing that by basing it on the OS you use. Keep in mind that if you’re going to use a different operating system soon, you’ll need a free one so you can pay for the one you get for your upcoming system. These are also great for mobiles. Sometimes people find it insecure to visit different websites on their cell phones. Download free NQ mobile security if you’re one of those people.

The second step

The second thing you’ll need to figure out is how you use your computer. Do you surf the web a lot? Or perhaps you are a gamer? Do you own an older computer? The way you use your computer will help determine the security you’ll need for your computer. Let’s suppose you’re a gamer. For a gamer, an antivirus will be no less than a heavenly weapon as it would help him determine the infected files in his computer games very easily. If you have an older computer, you’d want an older version of the antivirus that you desire as it would more likely support your computer than newer versions that stop their support.

The third step

Third and probably the most important step is searching for reviews. Once you’ve narrowed down a list of antivirus software, you’ll need to choose the best one on the basis of the reviews posted online on trusted websites. There are tons of websites online that review every protection product online. CNET is a great example. Just look at what the website says about the antivirus and select your perfect match.

The fourth step

Don’t ever settle for one antivirus. Try installing one from your picks and let it do its work for a month. If it doesn’t do a great work of detecting and eliminating harmful files from your computer, consider replacing it. Always want more from your protection software and you’ll settle in perfectly.

The fifth step

The fifth step is something that’s pretty easy to do. Just keep an eye on the market. Every day, there are tons of new protection software being released on the web. One better than the other, providing just the perfect protection you need. That doesn’t mean you need to stop using your old antivirus. If it provides proper updates, then you can keep on using the software that you were using for a few months now. Always keep an eye on all the antivirus software that are available in the market.

Take care of these things and you’ll easily select the right antivirus for your computer


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