Antivirus 8 Removal Tool – A portable application to get rid of fake Antivirus 8


Internet is home to many possibilities, but it also fosters the ever-increasing threat to your computer in the form of viruses or malicious programs which infect the computer and causes impairment to its performance. To tackle such threats, developers have developed several protective applications which not only save you from online threats, but also give you a free hand to remove any possible harm from your computer elsewhere such as on the hard drives and USBs. Some of these applications are available free of cost, but some ask for payments to unlock certain extra features. However, protecting yourself is always not that easy and certain developers have produced malware in the name of active antivirus, promising full proof exemption from the crunch of letting your PC be dead.

Antivirus 8

Antivirus 8 is one of those applications which not only ‘detects’ fake threats, but also urges users to buy this fake malware, thus consuming money and time for no reason at all. This program claims to provide high end security to your computer, but ends up notifying the user about the threats which do not exist on their computer. This rouge third-party spyware is promoted by certain websites which tell you that there is everything wrong going on your computer and you direly need to install this spyware to protect yourself. These notifications are nothing but advertisements and they show the same ‘infection results’ to anyone visiting the website.

After installing the application, it starts a quick scan and then states about the various highly infectious threats. When you click to remove those threats, the spyware prompts to purchase the full version. The next thing it does is find a permanent niche in your hard drive and not be uninstalled even by doing that deliberately. A lot of people have experienced such problem, but there is a solution to that.

Antivirus 8 Removal Tool

This particular tool, as the name suggests, removes the malicious and unwanted fake antivirus and frees you from its harm. This particular tool has a catch though: it does not burden your computer’s database and instead it can be run from anywhere. Installation of this tool is not required generally, and it can be run from its executable file put anywhere in the hard drives. That’s not all though; this tool is portable and so it has the ability to be stored in a USB drive and be used accordingly, thus making the whole process very fast, easy and reliable. Its interface is based on a simple design with minimal window experience and user interference is not required. Also, the application is killed the instant it is found after scanning with a click of a button. This tool uses very low RAM and CPU and performs its task effectively, leaving no byte of the fake malware. It is small, efficient and can be used easily so why don’t you download free Antivirus 8 removal tool .


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