BRIGADE antivirus – The simplest way to keep yourself safe


Internet is one of the necessities of life in the modern age. It provides you with countless information, numerous downloads, and an effective means of communication. However, with the growing trend of using internet, the odds have grown too. Malicious threats or ‘viruses’ reduce the trust and freedom of the people using internet. What comes forth then is the need to somehow protect the computer from getting infected with viruses. In this respect, a lot of antiviruses have been introduced which claim to protect your computer. They do, but they still take up a lot of memory and render some heavy work to the CPU. If you cannot compromise on your computer’s security and also cannot see it get drained by processing the antiviruses which put tons of work on it, then the BRIGADE antivirus software is for you and you should download free Brigade antivirus software.

Simple and Safe

BRIGADE antivirus is in the first place extremely simple to use and it does not go easy on the viruses or other malicious threats. This particular software is lightweight and can be installed in a matter of seconds. The next big thing about it is that it enables real-time protection on its first launch in your system, and then it stays awake in the system tray of your computer as long as you want it to. The user interface is quite simple as compared to other antivirus programs. However, it does have a few ‘buttons’ which are seemingly very easy to understand and tackle. The software detects threats from the internet, the USB and from the drivers. You simply have to tell it deliberately to scan a certain drive, but other times it is awake and alert and it starts searching indiscriminately for viruses in all of the drivers when it is triggered by the user.

Quarantine section

Eka Lab Indonesia promises to have produced this antivirus for all-time, so you can be sure it won’t compromise on protection. This software is packed with a ‘Quarantine’ section where all the dangerous files are separated and listed so that the user can delete them by just a single click. This listing of the dreadful threats is very handy when it comes to getting rid of all threats in no time and not letting yourself be tricked by some of the threats as they go unseen and untreated.

Ping response checker

BRIGADE is not just a simple antivirus which has everything any other antivirus would have. It also comes with the possibility of checking your IP address’ ping response. Thus you get to know how effective your IP address is when it comes to checking its speed of response.

Some inconveniences

Although this software is loaded with good stuff, it lacks the concrete security system and components which other heavy antivirus offers. Also, as we see popular antivirus software have the ability to update their antivirus databases automatically, this particular feature is lacking in BRIGADE and you would have to manually update the database. This makes the software less reliable in competing with any new potential threat.


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