Download Free Websecurify 0.8 For Mac


Free Free Websecurify 0.8 For Mac.Check your website for SQL injection vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting issues and a host of other security problems.

Download Free Websecurify 0.8 For Android

Websecurify is a free, easy-to-use web application testing tool that will scan your website and report on possible security vulnerabilities.

Most similar tools tend to be complicated, incredibly expensive, or both, so you might have to spend an age mastering complex command line tools before you can do anything at all. But Websecurify is different. To launch a scan, all you have to do is click “Start a new automated test”, enter the site domain in the Target box, and click OK. That’s it.

The program will then go to work, mapping the entire site, and looking for many common security issues: SQL Injection vulnerabilities, cross-site scripting and request forgery issues, information disclosure problems, session security issues, and many others (including all categories in the OWASP TOP 10).

Download Free Websecurify 0.8 For Mac



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