Download McAfee Stinger for Windows


Download McAfee Stinger for Windows Xp,7,10,Vista.

Download McAfee Stinger for Windows

Download McAfee Stinger for Windows

Mcafee stinger is a transportable and unfastened software designed to remove malware-inflamed documents from the pc. It scans the difficult disk on call for and detects viruses, rootkits, trojans, worms, and other e-threats.

Portability blessings

On account that there’s no setup p.C. Involved, you could drop the executable document anywhere on the hard disk and launch the device straight away. There’s also the possibility to save mcafee stinger to a pen drive and experiment any suspicious computer with out putting in whatever else.

Just keep in mind that the storage tool shouldn’t be read-handiest, since the app routinely creates a few documents whilst it is running, consisting of logs with data for every scan. An essential component well worth contemplating is that, not like most installers, mcafee stinger does now not regulate windows registry settings.

Clean and intuitive interface

The gui is person-friendly, made from a everyday window with a smartly organized layout. With the aid of default, the application seems simplest into machine areas in which viruses are known to hide, which includes application documents and the home windows listing. But, you may customise the experiment and decrease its duration by handpicking a pressure or directory.

Identifies and quarantines malware

At some point of scanning you may view the presently confirmed record, scan time and total documents scanned, at the side of found and cleaned threats. Any suspicions are despatched to the quarantine, where you may determine whether or not to preserve or take away the files in query. Log information may be examined in separate files. It’s miles feasible to modify the quarantine’s default area and encompass all scanned documents in logs.

Evaluation and conclusion

The device uses mild ram and low cpu at some stage in scanning, which may also take some time, depending at the goal’s length. However, we have come upon some issues in our checks. Mcafee stinger would not take into account the custom locations we assigned for scanning, and kept jogging in default mode instead.

Though, users are welcomed to strive mcafee stinger for themselves and figure out if it’s a appropriate on-demand virus scanner for them. Just understand that it does no longer provide real-time safety in opposition to malware, so that you still have to deploy an all-round antivirus utility to preserve the pc safe at all times.

Download McAfee Stinger for Windows


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