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The internet today serves as an insecure medium for exchanging information. Many a times, users have been exposed to high risk of invasion from threats such as phishing. For this purpose, different ideas have been introduced, one efficient idea being the Norton security and antivirus.

An introduction to Norton mobile security

Norton mobile security and antivirus guards your Android device against hazards such as malicious apps, theft or loss, and websites that strategically try to steal your information and money. More importantly, Norton provides zealous protection against possibly risky apps that could give out your personal information such as credit card information and location, excessively use your battery and data plan, or produce annoying behavior. Norton gives you the power to control the apps instead of letting the apps control you so that you can decide which websites you want to trust with your personal information, photos and videos.

Versions of Norton security

There are 2 versions of the Norton security and antivirus. One is the 30-day trial which is for free and features include SMS through which you can remotely lock your lost or stolen phone. However, SMS lock, SMS wipe, SMS scream and text blocking are not supported on Android 4.4 “KitKat” or later. You can scan and get rid of apps that have malware and the potential to harm or slow your device. When the 30-day trial is over, however, you can still enjoy the features for free so that your device stays safe and protected.

The other version of Norton security and antivirus is the premium version, which promises more ardent and advanced protection for your Android device. You can upgrade to the premium version of the Norton security and antivirus software for only $29.99 per year.

Premium Norton mobile security

One of its features is the app advisor, which guides you by automatically scanning apps for possible privacy threats, high battery or usage of data, and nosy behavior before the app is downloaded. You can avoid fake websites from having access to your personal information. It enables you to block unwanted text messages and phone calls. Norton mobile security and antivirus locks your device after 10 failed unlock attempts and also wipes all information on your device to ensure maximum security.

One other intriguing feature is the sneak peek feature, which uses the built-in webcam to capture the pictures of those using your device after you list it stolen or lost. You can also remotely locate your lost device on a map and Norton security also saves your devices when the battery is finished.


The average rating Norton security and antivirus secured was 4.4 out of 5.The only complain a few users had was why they had to pay for the premium version when they had already paid for the full version for their PC. Otherwise, people are happy and feel protected with this app. So, download free Norton security and antivirus for phones and stay safe!


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