Finding how your Antivirus works


So you think you know your antivirus perfectly?

Let’s see if you really do.

What’s the most common type of virus that your antivirus detects and removes from your PC?

What’s the name of your Antivirus provider?

Do you know when it updates itself?

Does it frequently scan your drive and your files?

When was the last time it performed a complete scan of your PC?

How’d you get the antivirus? Did you get it yourself or did it come pre-installed?

Do you think your Antivirus is very easy to use?

So did you answer all of them? Do you really know your antivirus? If you got the answers to that YOURE AWESOME! You’re one of those few people that have the knowledge about their protection software. But what happens to the people who couldn’t even answer 1 of the above? We’ll their computers are definitely at a huge risk.

If you weren’t able to answer even one of the questions then congratulations! You’re not alone. Almost 90% of the people have no idea about their antiviruses. How do we find the answers to these questions? The answer is in the question,” What’s an antivirus and how do you work it?” and even if you know the answer to that you don’t merely have enough information.

So, here are some fast and simple antivirus lessons everyone should know to find out what the antivirus is and how your current antivirus functions.

Lesson no 1.

READ. Some people don’t read the basic information available about the antivirus and download it. They even start using it without even knowing what it does. Reading the instructions that are provided with the product is very important. That’s the main reason why they are given to you. This way you’ll know what areas of your computer can be accessed by the antivirus.

Lesson no. 2.

RESEARCH. There are tons of Antiviruses online. Find the one that is perfect for your computer in every manner. This should be a program that you can handle.

Lesson no. 3

REVIEWS. There are tons of magazines and tech blogs online that compare different antiviruses side by side to get the best out of your computer. Get the best out of your computer by choosing the right one. The reviews that are provided on the website are on both free products and paid ones. If you’re looking for a free antivirus, download Free Diyusof Antivirus today.

Lesson no. 4.

DON’T GO FOR THE EYE CANDY. Just because the manufacturer is very famous amongst the techno geeks it doesn’t mean all their products are the best and even if your brand conscious you shouldn’t consider the company always. Sometimes the companies can release some of the worst products which are still in beta mode and it can potentially ruin your computer so before installing something make sure you get complete knowledge about the product first.


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