How to Choose Longboard Trucks: Design, Size and Mounting

Choosing the right longboard trucks is very important. They are what make your ride how it feels, how responsive it is and how much control you have over the board. The best answer to how to choose longboard trucks is here!

Below are 9 factors for you is to consider:

1. Trucks that are too soft will not be able to handle rough terrain or fast downhill speeds.

2. Trucks that are too stiff can lead to wheel bites and instability at high speeds.

3. Mounting height should also be considered as some riders prefer a lower stance while others want more stability (choose whichever one suits you).

4. For those who like speed, light trucks with short axles will allow faster acceleration and more response.

5. Trucks with large bushings are easier to skate around tight corners and faster than trucks with small bushings.

6. Trucks with metal bushings are more responsive and better for high speeds.

7. Trucks that come preassembled will be ready to skate right out of the box. This is especially helpful if you’re not used to how longboard trucks work or if your board doesn’t have a standard kingpin (check this before buying).

8. The general rule of thumb when it comes to shock absorption is: softer springs absorb bumps better while harder springs react quicker but don’t absorb as much impact. Shock pads should also be considered to protect riders from excessive vibrations on rough terrain or hard landings onto the pavement.

9. The truck’s width should also be considered as it determines how much stability you get in your turns at high speeds (choose between narrow or wide).

Finally, how big of a rider you are can affect how fast you go on hills by affecting how long the wheelbase is (the longer the wheelbase, the slower acceleration), so if you’re a bigger person, consider that when choosing which setup suits you best.