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We daily computer users need to have the latest updated antivirus software. Considering how computers can become infected within minutes once they are exposed to the internet, we need to take some precautionary measures. Every day numerous different types of malwares are created, which constantly attack our computers, whether it be a virus, a Trojan horse or a worm. In order to protect our computers and the files from being corrupted, we need to take some precautionary measures such as making backups and installing an antivirus software. Not only does an antivirus scan our computers, but it also removes malicious and harmful elements and keeps us updated on the health of our systems.

download free AVG antivirus software

The AVG Antivirus Software

The AVG antivirus software is the kind of software you need. Developed by AVG Technologies, the AVG antivirus is suitable for different Windows operating systems, starting from Windows 2002 and onwards. The AVG Technologies also provide antiviruses for Linux, FreeBSD, Android and Mac OS X.

The AVG antivirus has a user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to understand and use. The large overlay buttons separate tool categories, and quick toggle buttons are easily accessible for both touch navigation and the traditional mouse and keyboard navigation.

Features of AVG

AVG antivirus can fulfill your everyday security needs. It has identity protection, behavioral protection, cloud operation, anti-spyware, LinkScanner, web-shield, firewall and much more. AVG features include periodic scans, scans of sent and received mails, included footers to indicate this, the ability to repair “virus-infected” files, and a virus vault in which infected files are held. It also allows you to check your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. You can log in on your PC via the Android app and schedule scans, view any malware report, and can troubleshoot from anywhere. Some other AVG features are listed as follows:

  • LinkScanner: Provides real-time updated protection against virus attacks.
  • Search-shield: A component which places safety ratings next to the links which have been black-listed and scans the links which have been selected by the users.
  • Surf-shield: A component which scans the contents of the website in real-time, making sure that it is safe to open.

AVG antivirus not only detects and removes viruses from your PC by blocking the infected links as you browse and surf the internet, but it also checks the files before they are downloaded and helps in protecting your personal data online and prevents files from getting corrupted on your PC with its new and enhanced privacy features. AVG Technologies have also improved the core engine and accuracy of the antivirus. It now includes better detection of screen-locker ransomware and an improved scanning of all downloadable files to keep you safe. AVG antivirus has also been selected as The PC Magazine Editors Choice in the free antivirus category. Furthermore, AVG antivirus has also received 5 out of 5 star ratings on many sites. So download free AVG antivirus software now and protect your computers from these harmful viruses that can destroy all your important data and files.


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