MANTAV – Your perfect viral solution


As it seems from the diversity of the internet itself, it is vast enough to enfold every possible aspect of life. From information to online shopping and from downloads to entertainment, it circles all the horizons we humans cherish and interact with. However, in such a complex and vast world, unreliability is certain as no one knows what could come forth while viewing or downloading when it comes to clicking on the unknown or when it comes to advertisement pop ups and fake prompts. The problem arises when a malicious spyware, malware or some other threat undesirably gets downloaded and cause malfunctioning of your computer in any way. Not just that, a computer is also prone to various other threats by means of a USB drive.

To tackle this inconvenience, developers have developed numerous software programs called antiviruses, which detect and delete the present threats and also save you from future exposure. However, this whole process has a problem. The antivirus applications, when installed, take up a lot of space on the Windows registry and on the subsequent RAM and CPU. A compromise has to be made in such situations unless you have a powerful machine and a lot of space. For those who cannot compromise their computer’s security and also want a smaller, safer and faster antivirus, MANTAV antivirus software is the right choice for them. Whether it is the internet, the USB drives or hard drives, all the user has to do is relax and let MANTAV do its job.

MANTAV – The reliable one

There arises a question when it comes to using an antivirus such as MANTAV. Is it reliable enough to use it since it is light and gathers less space? The answer is yes. MANTAV is developed by a team from Indonesia who promises to not inflict your PC with malware, but give you a virus-free PC.

MANTAV has a simple user interface and stays active in the system tray after installation. Moreover, it performs a scan after installation and detects any possible threat. Like any mainstream antivirus, MANTAV is equipped with every aspect when it comes to cleaning your PC from threats. It is real and it is efficient in performing its task.

Real-time protection

When you are active on the internet, you need real-time protection which enables one to stay protected while not manually opening, scanning and deleting the threats. This antivirus does that automatically. If any unseen threat mingles into your system, this application removes it instantly without letting it flourish more into the CPU or other units.

Low RAM consumption

A lot of antivirus users report slowing down of computer when they run the application. This is definitely because of the extra burden they put on the RAM. The operating memory required to run those heavy software is high, but this is not the problem with MANTAV. It uses low memory as compared to others and thus it is more effective and efficient than its competitors. So, download free MANTAV antivirus software today and start enjoying its benefits.


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