NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus – Secure, fast, multi-featured


Unfair means follow your way everywhere, and with something as vast as the internet, the possibility of being attacked increases by several folds. We are talking about hacking here. It has never been easy to save our devices from malicious spywares, malwares and other hacking tools. The threat does not just follow us through the internet, but our electronics are also at risk through various other means like Bluetooth or data cables. In this unreliable time, you have to have someone protecting your most precious and private device – your mobile.

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus is the companion for your mobile who is reliable yet efficient in its work. Being unbelievably simple, this little app saves much of your time and money and saves mobile from threats in real-time. Salient features of this must-have app are below.

1. A productive, effective, and powerful antivirus engine

Getting a peek into the antivirus engine of NQMS, we find a complex, multi-dimensioned and ultra fast engine. Known for its professionalism, the engine saves much time and finishes the scan in less than 20 seconds. It is not a hyped estimate; the cloud and the local engines are effective enough and are designed so as to completely overtake the scanning procedure and perform it deeply so that no remains of viruses are left.

2. Privacy and account protection

The risk of losing valuable account credentials to someone unfamiliar is accepted by no one. This becomes important in case you have all of your bank accounts managed through your phone or if you have your social accounts logged in. This account protection also extends its effectiveness to your gaming accounts, thus taking care of all of your passwords becomes easy.

3. QR scanner

The QR code scanner allows you to have a safer web experience. Sometimes the QR codes have hidden web addresses, which are sometimes welcoming threats. These threats come out basically in the form of some download or otherwise. NQ saves you from this. Most mobile antivirus programs are not equipped with this feature and this is what makes NQMS stand out from the crowd.

4. Mobile boost

Mobile antivirus applications drain the RAM of the device. NQMS takes the lead here also as it features something extra than just a savior. This application is packed with garbage cleaning function, which not only eliminates unwanted files but also boosts your device to its best so that you don’t have to compromise between speed and safety, which shouldn’t be mutually exclusive in case of a cell phone.

5. Anti-eavesdropping

Spywares are the little mysterious beings, hiding in your phone for the one who wants to know what is going on in your mobile. Spywares can know everything about your phone, even what you speak and listen to in a call. NQMS does not allow this as it values your privacy. It blocks and removes any spyware and does not let it deliver your call data to someone else.

To get all these features, you just have to download free NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus, sit back and let it do the work for you.


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