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With the advancement in technology, security threats such as Trojan horses and viruses have also become advanced and hence, are tougher to counter and get rid of. Without proper protection, exploring the internet can leave your computer vulnerable to threats. For this purpose, antivirus is used. There are hundreds of antiviruses on the web and it can be difficult to choose the right one. However, a good solution is the Diyusof antivirus. Developed by ADSoF Software, Diyusof is a simple program which provides basic tools for the protection of your computer against possible threats.

Diyusof Antivirus

The program comes with a pretty simple user interface. With prominent buttons, you can easily navigate through the interface where you’ll find options like scanning your computer, file quarantine, miscellaneous tools and general configuration panels respectively.

The Diyusof antivirus offers you four different modes of scanning to choose from.

Full system scan

It takes a closer look at every file on your PC in order to decide which files, if any, are altered. This process is quite thorough, but takes much more time.

Quick scan

Instead of a full system scan, you can go for a quick scan which targets the system partition in much less time. It allows you to validate the computer’s system volume and operating memory and then establish whether there are any affected files.

Select folder to scan 

It is also possible to only scan certain folders, which you can choose from a particular directory. This is specifically useful when folders have been recently transferred to your PC and you are not sure of the source.

Process scan

This feature is absent in many antivirus programs. With process scan, you can quickly analyze the ongoing processes on your PC and make sure that there is no potentially harmful threat present.


Apart from a variety of scanning methods, Diyusof software contains a number of tools which makes work easier. These features include a process manager with which, as the name suggests, you can pause, stop or kill a certain process. Another function of the Diyusof antivirus is the Diyusof lock with which you can lock a selected computer drive so that others don’t have the power to change the contents of that drive. Other salient features include a task manager and other various utilities with which you can block sites, fix registry problems and more.

Real time protection feature

A prominent feature of this program is its real time protection. While the program is working in the background, it can encounter incoming hazards and block them before they can harm your system. With real time protection, you can use a Heuristic function for rigorous protection.


There have been no updates yet, leaving the program in its beta stage, but the program is easy to understand and is quite effective. Diyusof antivirus guarantees protection with its different modes of scanning so download free Diyusof antivirus software to provide your computer with maximum protection.


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