The importance of having a state-of-the-art antivirus software


For the average computer user, tools such as an antivirus updated to the latest version are a must have. Without taking precautionary measures, your computer can become infected within minutes once it is exposed to the internet. Every day, 60,000 new pieces of malware are created which constantly attack computers. For this purpose, antivirus is a basic necessity which scans your computer, removes malicious and harmful elements, and constantly keeps you updated on the health of your computer.

ARTAV Antivirus

Luckily, ARTAV antivirus is the kind of antivirus you require. Developed by the ARTAV team, ARTAV antivirus is compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system such as Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 2003. However, it is not suggested for devices running on Mac or Linux operating systems.

It has a user friendly interface with features like hybrid scan, registry repairs, real time protection and lock drives from viruses. A few features and their functions are listed here:

ArtavHyb Scan

Using the hybrid technology scan, ArtavHyb quickly scans all your files thoroughly and provides a high level of accuracy.

ART Repair

ART Repair works to recover the data lost because of the virus and can also fix a damaged windows directory.

ART Lock

ART Lock safeguards the system from malware attacks which are specially designed to attack the Drive system.

Website Filtering

Website Filtering blocks negative websites such as porn, gambling and malware, and filters the content of the website for maximum security.

Bandwidth Traffic

Bandwidth Traffic keeps track of all the activities of your internet bandwidth that is being used by providing the information in the form of a graph.

Aside from the virus detection tools and blocking tools, this program contains a process manager along with a pop up blocker, a virtual blocker, the ARTAV updater, voice sound and a virus database.

How it works

ARTAV Antivirus basically has three modules through which it scans your computer:

  • Full system scan: In the full system scan, the system takes more time than usual but executes a very detailed scan so as to make sure that your computer is clean from all sorts of harmful software.
  • Custom Scan: The custom scan gives power to the user. They can select which folders and files they want to have scanned. This is useful when you are short on time but suspect that the problem in your computer lies in a specific file.
  • Removable Module: The removable module allows you to scan the removable storages like hard disks and USBs.


ARTAV Antivirus has received quite a number of awards including top software award, 100% clean award and the Merit Asia Pacific ICT award.

Weekly updates keep the program fully prepared to counter threats. With a total of 174,504 downloads, this antivirus software program is quite popular. So, if you download free ARTAV antivirus software, your computer is definitely going to be protected.


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