Why and How to Update Your Antivirus?


There used to be a time when machines were dependent on the man more than the man depended on the machine. But the times have changed and the situations have changed. The year is 2015 and today, man and machines equally depend on each other. Face it! We’ve reached a time we’re one way or another we depend on the computer. It’s pretty natural that you protect something that you depend on. So, it is very important to have a fast running computer system that is healthy enough to preserve consistency in your work and for that you’ll need a security suite or an antivirus to protect the files in your computer. You can face many technical disabilities because of the absence of antivirus software. For a well-organized and quick running system, make it mandatory to download and install a good antivirus. An Antivirus is basically a system security and protection application that secures your system against harmful activities from malicious application codes, like malware and Trojan horses. Even if you haven’t kept an Antivirus in your system before, it’s good to start now. And when you’re done installing the antivirus software make sure you update it every time an update is released.

Updates can vary from antivirus software to antivirus software. There are tons of good antiviruses out there and each one differs from the other with its update procedure. Stay aware of all the strategies of different protection software to make sure you get the right antivirus software. Antivirus can be updated in two ways. One is the ever so useful automatic update that needs no introduction and instantly updates your antivirus when it detects a newer version has been released with the help of internet connectivity. The other one is manual updating process that you have to do yourself. How do you do that? We’ll tell you. You’ll have to get a new copy of the antivirus software and uninstall the old one. This way the computer replaces the newer program with the older one. It’s THAT easy. But yes of course the automatic updating feature is better and quicker. But even the automatic updating process has two options for you; select the one you’d like.

Antivirus updates using the given option: Some Antivirus protection software gives you an option to update antivirus when your subscription with the company is going to end. The antivirus program directs you to the update option where you just have to authorize it to download and install the update. This happens when the automatic updating option is turned off.

Antivirus updates with the official website: Another method of updating the antivirus software is to go to the official website and download an update. I’d rather suggest you to stay out of this mess because it only consumes your time. Get a free and reliable antivirus software that gets proper updates every month to keep you secure. Looking for something like that? Then Download Free UnThreat Antivirus today.


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